A few Examples of Our work
A few examples of our previous efforts are enumerated here, so that you may get to know the range of our work, and discover some solutions, which parallel your own requirements.
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The user-friendly Point of Sales software. ShopRite. An Accounting and dynamic inventory software with a user-friendly interface, it supports multiple languages for data entry and printing bills.




The user-friendly Cargo Terminal accounting software. Cargo. An Accounting and dynamic inventory software with automatic generation of application forms to be submitted to the Customs, with a user-friendly interface.




The powerful video capture software, with a user-friendly interface.




The Hostel and Hotel management software. Prepare thousands of bills at short notice in seconds.




Send your webcam video to your website using this innovative hack Auto update with a latency of just one second.




Education software. Encyclopedia and voice assist. Ideal for school homework help.




Do you own a TV channel? this is the best jukebox/telephone call in software which allows your clients to phone in their choice of video songs.




The user-friendly Medical Store (Pharmacy / Hospital) software with warnings for expiry dates of medicines.




The high technology encryption software. Hide your secret message in ordinary image files. Totally unbreakable messaging system for full secrity messaging.


MedExpert, The medical expert system.

The term expert system has wantonly been used today in the media. It actually denotes a system, which relieves the tedium of an expert by remembering a lot of arcane technical data that the human expert would have to spend hours researching This system was developed as part of an M.Tech. Thesis and later generalized for commercial use. It accepts data from a routine blood test and using fuzzy logic and an extensive expert system database, analyses the data to provide insights to the malady afflicting the patient.


Modern, the gas station shift management solution.

One of our old customers contacted us regarding software for their clients in Oman, which needed a turnkey solution for a petrol pump in Muscat. The problems were many; two systems of measurements were followed, along with a currency having three places of decimals, and Arabic dates (Hijri system) to boot. The solution was elegant and fast.



This was developed for the Kerala Water Authority, the state government body that supervises the supply of water for domestic and industrial consumption in the south Indian state of Kerala, "The God's own country". The time in which the software was needed was impossibly short but we managed it. With an interface so intuitive that even people with zero exposure to computers were able to master its operation in a few minutes.


Stirling, the technical software published in International journals

Stirling engines are the future. In today's energy starved world the energy efficient, environmentally friendly engines have a bright future, in a technical article by one of us (Mohamed Iqbal Pallipurath, the Engineering College faculty member) the way to optimize the major design parameters of a Stirling engine has been described. To automate the long drawn out process of parametric optimization, software was developed which accepts seed values for some basic configuration and plots three-dimensional surfaces, which elegantly summarizes the results in a visual mode.


Virasath, the legacy shares calculation software.

Did you know that Algebra was invented for the calculation of Legacy? The 11th century mathematician Al Khwarizmi wrote an epochal treatise called Hisab Al Jebr wal Muquabala whose title was later latinised as Algebra. This software likewise represents yet another revolutionary approach in automating the involved calculations of shares of relatives to give you results in less than a second

virasath for windows

Academ, the School Management software.

All the bells and whistles of a full fledged School Management Solution. Admissions, Tests, Fees, Bills, Vehicle, Hostel, ID Card, +2 Rank Lists... The list goes on and on.


Grafix, the Engineering Graphics Study helper software.

Take the basic 3D primitives and rotate them to view all possible configurations. Learn the difficult subject of Engineering Graphics the intutive way!!


Joysurf, the Internet Cafe Management software.

Keep track of all your customers' Internet usage
Browsing charges, Browsing preferences, sites visited...
All at your fingertips. CAUTION!!!! DO NOT FORGET the Password after you Install in your system.
Computer will become inaccessible.
Supervisor user name="admin" Password="hackme" The software sits in your system tray and monitors all aspects of user (browsing) behaviour.

Leela, Custom software developed for a Network Business Management.

Full fledged web support for network businesses


Netbiz, Generalised software developed for a Network Business Management.

Full fledged web support for network businesses


Motor, Software developed for Designing and drafting an electrical motor.

Developed as part of an Engineering degree project. Uses OLE to manipulate CAD softwares directly from an intutive interface


Muhasib, General Accounting Software .

Journal, Cashbook, Point of sales, Inventory, Daybook, Email, and FTP support


Salat, Salat time calculation, Lunar Phase, Qibla Direction, Moon's distance from earth and a lot more ...

Salat calculates the prayer times for your location. If your city is not in the database (unlikely, since it has 36,000 cities in it), just feed it the latitude and longitude of your place (Get that from Google Earth) and it will calculate the times of Namaz. Options for calculating according to Hanafi and Shafe'ee schools of Jurisprudence. Other options include Height of your location (which changes the salat timing...) Now don't miss a prayer even if you are on the tip of Everest :) You can also customize your Fajr and Isha timings with a customized twilight angle...depending on the traditions at your place. Prepare customized printouts for the entire year... All this with a Jazzy interface and Adans from Medina, Mecca and more...


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