Wake up, Christians, or lose the Holy Land

alJazeera Magazine – Wake up, Christians, or lose the Holy Land Wake up, Christians, or lose the Holy Land30/03/2009 05:00:00 PM GMT Comments (51) Add a comment Print E-mail to friend(smith.edu) Western Christendom doesn’t really give a damn about the Holy Land and its people. By Stuart Littlewood A British man recently applied to the […]

Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution?

60 Minutes: Growing Number Of Israelis, Palestinians Say Two-State Solution Is No Longer Possible Comments 1929 | Page 1 of 4 Jan. 25, 2009 E-Mail Story Print Story Sphere Share Text Size:  A A A Videos Photos (AP) videoSetActiveVideo(‘videoPlayer’, ‘4752349’); var embeddedVideos = { ‘v4752349’: {videoId: ‘4752349’, flashId: ‘F9TH9ZGJqzVrSiJCp9NrVa23J03p4_M0’, videoImage: ‘http://wwwimage.cbsnews.com/CBS_Production_News/966/879/60_Peace_0125_244x183.jpg’, cropClass: ”, videoContainerId: ‘videoPlayer’, videoObjectContainer: ‘videoObject’, […]

Eyewitness in Gaza: Yesterday and Tomorrow

  News   Israel Admits White Phosphorous Use in Gaza War-scarred Gaza Children Back to School BBC Under Fire Over Gaza Appeal Ban Hamas Sees New Bush in Barack Obama George Mitchell from N.Ireland to Mideast Israel Hires Minister to Fight War Crimes Claims Image Gallery   Calisthenics Jabalia Prep C Walking Home Art   […]

Israeli Rights Groups Detail Allegations of Army Abuse in Gaza

Hadith: God Brings Grieving Parents to Paradise Audio: Israeli Soldiers Shot Civilians in Cold Blood (PRI) Israelis Execute Parents in Front of Children (Telegraph) Video: Israelis Block Ambulance for Relatives of US Grad Israeli Rights Groups Detail Allegations of Army Abuse in Gaza Final Toll of Gaza War: 1,330 Dead, 5,450 Wounded (AFP) Gideon Levy: […]

Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza

By Middle East correspondent Ben Knight and wires Posted Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:06am AEDT  Updated Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:56am AEDT Indiscriminate use of any weapon in densely populated areas can be the basis of war crimes charges. (AFP: Patrick Baz, file photo) Video: Gaza ceasefire holding (ABC News) Audio: Uneasy Gaza ceasefire holds (AM) Human rights group Amnesty International […]

How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

Oxford professor of international relations Avi Shlaim served in the Israeli army and has never questioned the state’s legitimacy. But its merciless assault on Gaza has led him to devastating conclusions Avi Shlaim The Guardian, Wednesday 7 January 2009 Article history A wounded Palestinian policeman gestures while lying on the ground outside Hamas police headquarters following […]