Jabir Hazziez Jr. has been showered with accolades, but he sees his role as reflecting his Muslim faith.

Action aboard airplane creates a reluctant heroBy TONY RIZZOThe Kansas City StarBy TONY RIZZO The Kansas City Star Updated: 2011-12-26T05:05:44ZShane KeyserJabir Hazziez Jr. subdued an unruly passenger on a Nov. 30 AirTran flight to Kansas City. A Kansas City firefighter, reserve Jackson County deputy and member of the U.S. Naval Reserve, Hazziez has been praised for his quick action and level head. A man foaming at the mouth lunged for the airliner’s cabin door, attempting to open it as flight attendants struggled to hold him at bay. Most of the post-Thanksgiving travelers cruising at some 30,000 feet toward Kansas City that day were unaware of the potential disaster looming at the front of the plane. But when a crew member came on the intercom asking if anyone had medical training, passenger…
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