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  • your blog is ok.. but tell me how will i punish a wrong parliamenterian when i have done a mistake by voting for him and its just in 4 years.. ???

  • i agree when u said on 9th point

    You shouldn’t trust intellectuals or activists because of what they
    are. You should examine their arguments and make your own judgement.
    Most of the people supporting Lok Pal have not examined what the
    proposal is, have not tried to consider opposing arguments and blindly
    accept it as a solution because some famous people said so

  • Trilok Kumar Jha / 20/08/2011 at 2:48 pm

    Only muslim can write this, becasue we muslim & hindu India are divided by the Congress. Every awaz if it belong to Muslim Community Congress published name it SIMI< Laskar or any other and if a Hindu neta speeak they name it RSS, Bajrang dal. So congress doing nothing but dividing india.

  • kickass article boss!!!!! too good!!!

  • Well written opinions… though agree to disagree on most points 🙂 Thankfully Anna was considered right by most people, who also agree that the Lokpal is a good (rather very very good) idea, given the state of our nation. I am sure the fundamentals that could go into creating a super lokpal and a super super lokpal and maybe even a mega lokpal, can be well anticipated before even the lokpal is finally designed and internal checks and balances can be built at the very outset! It only needs a political will, and a vigilant polity! Keeping fingers crossed though!

  • This blog gives a different point of view but there are many points which are blatantly wrong and shows your incapability to fight. Quoted below from the blog,

    “In the real world, it is foolish to expect 100% clean and non-corrupt
    politicians. The real world challenge is to achieve good governance
    with imperfect constitutions, imperfect institutions, imperfect leaders
    and imperfect citizens”

    What a crap!
    With this kind of mindset, glass will always look half empty. Grow up!

    • sorry sir… there is no perfect system… even Newzland, which tops the “corruption free index”is only 95.5% right…. got that?
      no govt. (including Ram’s) has achieved 100% record…
      however a step to climb the ladder is real need.!

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